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Saturday, 17 November 2012

LCDU Melbourne 17 November 2012

What Should We Eat?

This is basically just the notes I took today at the LCDU event plus photos and a few extra thoughts, so please excuse exceptionally bad grammar and spelling. It seems that many of my photos give the impression that people are singing, please be assured that no-one sang. I'll put in links to web sites where I have them. 

As I already posted on Facebook I really, really, really enjoyed today, and perhaps just a small part of that was getting away from the family for a whole day, that may sound a bit mean, but my kids are now 17 and 15 and since having them I just have not ever done something for me for a whole day. Pathetic? Indeed!

I came away from today feeling really positive. Most people in the audience seemed to have at least some idea already of what was being talked about and I think that the talks were aimed at those sort of people. A man behind me kept muttering that no-one was explaining what ketosis was and I did have a little concern that complete novices to Primal/Paleo/low carb etc might be a bit lost, but I'm not sure and I do strongly believe that it is up to the individual to do their own research.

For several years I have thought that I really should do something more with all this knowledge and enthusiasm that I have for how good it is to eat good food, after last weeks meetup and LCDU I think I may just have an answer in a Cert IV in Food Coaching, I should just put up the money and stop thinking shouldn't I...

Another thing I thought at the end of the day is that I'm sure we could do this in Canberra, absolutely positively convinced. The small group of people I met at the first Canberra Paleo meetup could help pull something like this off I am sure.

Please excuse dodgy formatting, I'm always in trouble doing bits on the iPad, bits on the normal camera, bits on the PC... and apologies in advance for any errors or omissions. 

Here is a link to some of the Melbourne talks that have been put on YouTube:

The nitty gritty: 


660 tickets sold altogether for the combined events. That's a pretty good start I think, it will be interesting to see how many attendees there eventually are.
Low Carb Downunder on Facebook
DAVID GILLESPIE - Sweet Poison and Big Fat Lies

Entertaining and passionate as always. Talked about sugar hidden in processed foods, about levels of fructose consumption, and diseases caused by it. In case you haven't heard the message yet: sugar is addictive and disrupts your natural appetite control! And seed oils are baaad... they cause cancer. Great speech
Sweet Poison on Facebook

JIMMY MOORE -What is Happening in the Low Carb World?

Jimmy is emotional talking about his former overweight self. Talked about his brother who died after suffering diabetes and heart disease... and following conventional diet advice. Says we in Australia should be thankful for the great food we have. Talked about starting Atkins, the difficulty with withdrawals to start with but then feeling better. Atkins featured him on their website and that led to the Livin' La Vida Low Carb blog. Talked about how the podcast started. Says we need to take a chance and do something that might help get the healthy eating message out.

Christine Moore talked about her experience with high triglycerides, and no weight problem, which improved drastically eating low carb, also improvements in eye sight and joint pain.

Such a lovely couple! 
Jimmy Moore's Livin' La Vida Low-Carb on Facebook

DR KEN SIKARIS - Sugar and Fat Metabolism 

Self confessed sugar addict. Talked about how all life uses glucose as fuel, how our bodies deal with fructose. Talked about how our body creates small dense LDL, and about how out of date many doctors are in their way of thinking about cholesterol. Talked about the importance of vitamin D in signalling the body to burn fat. Very short but really interesting speech. 

CHRISTINE CRONAU -The Fat Revolution

Christine is tiny and gorgeous. Talked about what happened to our health when we started replacing saturated fats in our diet with other fats and added sugars, about what does cause heart disease and why it is bad for our health to go on a low fat diet. Talked about how fat is satisfying and impossible to over eat.
Christine Cronau on Facebook


Talked about how our food supply has changed, how we need to eat what we are designed to eat, not what the scientists create. Talked about how she and her husband changed their weight and health and how she thinks Paleo is the answer. Talked about how to implement a Paleo diet. Says snacks should look like mini meals... so true
Eat. Sleep. Move. on Facebook

DR GEORGE IACONO - Diet, Exercise and Crossfit

Talked about how he lost weight with Atkins and his involvement with Crossfit. Talked about what people generally do for exercise and what Crossfit is. Talked about the Crossfit pyramid, nutrition is the base.
IVY THOMPSON - Paleo in Melbourne

Talked about her weight struggles after having her children. Talked about the benefits of giving up pasteurised dairy. Showed pictures of what she eats, talked about the positive differences she has seen using fermented foods and bone broth, then talked about other things she does for health apart from nutrition. Talked about Paleo in Melbourne.  
Paleo in Melbourne on Facebook 

Panel Discussion -Sourcing Healthy Food in Melbourne
Bit outside my area of interest in the specifics... but generally shop for fresh foods at farmers markets, organic stores, possibly online, bulk supermarkets like Aldi, buy in season as much as possible.

JO FITTON - Melbourne Paleo Meetup

Talked about exercise, how too much can be counter productive and how it contributed to her adrenal fatigue. Meetups have gone from 6 to 30 people, see there's hope for Canberra yet. 
NATALIE KRINGOUDIS - Fertilise Yourself 

Part of the new Health Talks show among other things like being a natural fertility specialist. Talked about how a healthy fertile weight might be different from a normal healthy weight, how weight is key to fertility. 'Perfectionists find it hard to fall pregnant.'  

Provided some of the food for morning tea which was all great. His cauli rice has almond meal, I wonder if that would make it acceptable to the males in my house. Also showed herbed crumbed fish using almond meal and cooked in coconut oil - yum

- Current Theories on Obesity

Talked about Leptin, effects on leptin of under and over eating. Obesity and leptin resistance basically the same thing, and similar to insulin resistance. Talked about mitochondria dysfunction and disease (see Terry Wahls' work), inflammation, FODMAPS, immune system, leaky gut. Compared Paleo diet with standard nutrition advice and found Paleo has 30% more nutrients. Talked about the importance of sleep.

DR ROD TAYLER - Doctors, Weight, Health and Carbohydrate

Sweet Poison started him off on the journey to low carb. Says sugar is possibly 60% of the weight problem for most people. Talked about sugar in processed food, about how his patients have suddenly and quickly got larger. Talked about the health and financial implications of the increase in overweight and obese people. says he has given his talk to the head of the Australian Heart Foundation and they are under pressure to change, eg Heart Foundation ticks on sugary cereals, but it will be slow. Talked about how lots of fruits today are bred to be large and sweet. Talked about what he eats.
Panel Discussion - Ask the Experts

Discussed protein intake how too much can be converted to glucose, what Ivy's 75% fat looks like, Ivy's cholesterol, how to deal with children and school, parties etc, school lunch boxes, alternative sweeteners like stevia, honey, how to find a low carb friendly doctor and how to talk to your non low carb friendly doctor, how to deal with sugar at school like lolly rewards from teachers, how to get enough protein on a vegetarian diet.

JIMMY MOORE - Nutritional Ketosis
Talked about how he started putting weight back on despite eating a low carb high fat diet, and explained that he found that his ketone levels were lower than expected. Explained the mistakes he made in his low carb diet - too much protein, not enough fat, not stabilising blood sugar etc. Talked about what he eats to keep his fat levels at 85%. Did a live blood sugar test and blood ketone test... and mentioned that his pants are falling down. Talked about cholesterol levels and different ways of testing - is writing a book on this.

Update 18 November: I have realised this morning that I probably should mention the food, most unlike me not to have done so, but I did give it a big thumbs up on Facebook and Twitter yesterday.

Dr Tayler mentioned that it had been logistically not possible to provide lunch, yet my morning tea was my lunch and 'lunch' was a walk around the block. There were three, I think, different mini meals/snacks provided by Palate, I tried a tasty salad which included baby spinach and pumpkin which is one of my favourite combinations. I missed the name of the provider of the sweet delights in the room with the tea and coffee (someone might help me out?), but I had a delicious little chocolate truffle type thing. In the main room Paleo Chocolate and Paleo Jerky were available to try, I did have a little nibble of the chocolate and was going to go back and buy some but got sidetracked... Lady Homemade also provided some sweet and savoury items to sample, again I went for the chocolate, a delicious brownie.

There were also some other food providers to talk to, I'm not a Melbourne local so I am not the best source for information about them.


At 18 November 2012 at 07:47 , Blogger Mrs Mac said...

Great wrap-up Lisa, thank you for makingmy life a little easier to bear until next weekend. I think Jimmy's advice about taking a chance to spread the good nutrition word is Sage advice. Definitely do the cert IV :)

At 18 November 2012 at 08:36 , Blogger healthierjane said...

Thanks Mrs Mac.

At 18 November 2012 at 13:03 , Anonymous Anne-Marie said...

Thank you so Much! I also live in Canberra and am in nutritional ketosis (what a strange way to introduce myself). I am going to see Jimmy in Sydney next Saturday, but I am with you in wanting some local low carb activities for us to gather around.

At 18 November 2012 at 14:07 , Blogger healthierjane said...

Hi Anne Marie, there is a Canberra Paleo Meetup group (very new), you might like to join. hj

At 19 November 2012 at 14:23 , Blogger lynn said...

Wish I could have been there. I am also thinking about doing something with the knowledge I am help others. GOod luck to you. THank you for putting this all up on your blog.

At 20 November 2012 at 06:13 , Blogger healthierjane said...

Thanks Lynn

At 21 May 2013 at 05:01 , Blogger John Milton said...

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